eMobility - Overview

Electric mobility or E-Mobility refers to the development of electric-powered or moving away from the traditional vehicle design that makes use of fossil fuels and oils. It encompasses fully electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

The main goal of e-mobility is to produce more environment-friendly and efficient vehicles that also happen to meet new regulatory requirements set by governments and other law-setting bodes.

Benefits Provided by E-Mobility

From an environmental standpoint, e-mobility is an excellent plan in answering the global clamor for de-carbonization. Hydrocarbons have been causing damage to the environment for the longest time, and one way to reduce their discharge is to look for carbon-less alternatives, and electricity is definitely one of the cleaner alternatives.

E-mobility will help reduce the amount of energy required and utilized by the transportation sector.

E-mobility will create employment opportunities. The automotive industry will be more confident in the development of electric vehicles, and they will need talent and manpower to do it.

Compliance with Carbon Emission: National governments all over the world agree that emissions of carbon in form of soot and oxides are a huge part of the global pollution problem. You would find almost every country setting its own carbon emission regulations in order to minimize, if not eliminate, the destructive carbon emissions, and some of the initiatives mentioned in the legislation involve the use of more environment-friendly vehicles.

Reduction of Energy Needs: The design of recent e-mobility technologies are closely linked to the creation of smart power grids which are expected to be the source of the energy that will power the electric vehicles. Since the electric vehicle is more efficient, that means the smart power grid will also be more efficient. This means that the electric vehicle will not need a lot of energy in order for it to run, and so the grid will not have to “work too hard” in order to provide that energy.


Smart Mobility @ Renewable Technology (sm@rt)  is a creative and innovative  concept of axis mobility (axis energy group) exhibiting its competencies and capabilities in bringing together major initiators  to synergize. It conceives a new, efficient, easily implementable, eco friendly and  sustainable transport system.